Stabilize Your Diet…..Stabilize Your Mood

It is fascinating to me how you really are what you eat. We have all heard of the effects diet can have on disease prevention and management; for example eat less trans fat to lower your cholesterol. Less is spoken about how diet can manipulate and control your mood. Believe it or not this is very simply done—be sure to have protein, fat and carbohydrates during meals and snacks. By including all 3 nutrients in a meal you will slow down the digestion and absorption process thus avoiding drastic hormone and blood sugar fluctuations that can control our mood. Need some suggestions? Try these delicious combinations during the cold winter months…

  • Natural peanut butter on warm whole wheat bread
  • Hot oatmeal with cashews
  • Fresh fruit with cottage cheese
  • Grilled salmon with a yam and string beans
  • Turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and cheese
  • Vegetables and hummus
  • Plain yogurt with toasted granola and fruit

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