Yoga for Eating Disorder Recovery Support

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We’ve all heard about the many benefits of yoga; everything  from better concentration and memory to flexibility and stamina. Recently, more information is coming to light about the ways yoga can support a healthy recovery from an eating disorder. So how does it work? These articles highlight the current uses and perspectives on the subject.

Eating Disorders Recovery and Self-Love through Yoga

“When people struggle with an Eating Disorder, they are suffering from a disconnection of mind and body. Because of trauma, biology, underlying concomitant mental illnesses, environmental stressors, or any combination of these, [they] use their relationship with their body through food to act out their emotional needs and wants.” Click to continue reading.

The Use of Yoga in The Treatment of Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa

“A Yoga therapist is trained to work with individuals not only physically, but on an emotional and spiritual level as well. They are also trained in an area of specialty, such as eating disorders, in order to focus on facilitating healing and transformation of an individual.” Click to continue reading.


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