To Weigh or Not to Weigh Yourself

Scales have become as common in bathrooms as sinks. Many people weigh themselves each morning before they even brush their teeth. The media has popularized studies that have shown the benefits of weighing oneself daily in order to promote weight maintenance. For some people it can be obsessive and intrusive to have to start each day with a weigh in.

Depending on a piece of machinery that does not take salty meals or hot humid days that can result in dehydration into consideration could cause problems if you are someone who takes a specific number very seriously. Our bodies naturally fluctuate in weight throughout the day—we eat, drink, exercise and are exposed to different temperatures: however, we do not get “thinner or fatter” within a 24 hour period.

Some people can benefit from weighing themselves daily—they are the type of people that can handle minor fluctuations from day to day and are able to use the number in a productive rather than destructive way.

It may be that the less often you weigh yourself the more reliable the number is. Think about your yearly doctor’s appointment; if you only took your weight then you would have a good idea of its general trend. Do we really need anything more than this?

Throwing your scale in the garbage can be a liberating experience—if you find yourself getting on one with any degree of frequency or obsession think about whether it might be better off out of your home.

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