We all think about them. We all have them. Some of us even know how to give into them. But what exactly is a craving and what should we do about it?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a craving is an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing. Cravings are certainly intense and need to be addressed urgently, but i am not sure they are abnormal-if that was the case why would we all have them?

So what do we do about them? We give into them asap! Think about what happens when we ignore our cravings…instead of them going away like we want them to they intensify–and eventually we have to give into them–so why not just enjoy them in the moment?

So the next time you crave a scoop of coffee ice cream (my favorite!) on a hot summer day stop by your favorite shop and order a small cup–you will not only be able to enjoy and savor every bite but you will also stop thinking about it…that is until your next craving!

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