Meal Time–A Family Affair

Eating family meals together is an important way to stay connected in our relationships and maintain a balance between work and family life. We often lead chaotic lives and finding time to sit down and eat a meal let alone with others can be a challenge. As a nutritionist, mother, and wife I cannot emphasize how important this in the development of healthy relationships with food. It is certainly not necessary to eat all 3 meals a day together–even once a week can make a lasting impression. It is important to not make this time necessarily about food–taking the emphasis away from food can actually make the eating process go smoother. Below are a few suggestions worth considering, especially if someone in your family struggles with their own relationship with food.

  • If everyone seems on different schedules during the week try eating together on Sunday nights.
  • Make everyone part of the cooking process
  • Insist on no technology during the meal time
  • Consider eating breakfasts together if the timing of dinners is too complicated
  • Try preparing one meal for everyone to eat
  • Talk about something else other than food during the meal

Personally and professionally I found the experience of eating with family to be one of the most powerful tools available. I hope you too find it as therapeutic and rewarding–happy meal time!

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