Navigating Picky Eaters

all kids tend to go through a phase of picky eating at some point during their childhood. even though there is usually no long term consequence it can be very frustrating for parents and siblings. below are a few helpful hints to manage those eaters who will eat next to nothing…not to mention the same things every day!

  • try not to make a big deal about it-part of this may be attention seeking, so try not to “feed” it
  • continue to offer a balanced diet to the entire family, including the picky eater
  • when possible eat meals together as a family–preferably at a table without television or ipads
  • have your child help at the supermarket and meal preparation
  • try not to reward food with food (ie you can have dessert if you finish your plate)
  • respect your child’s hunger and fullness–try not to encourage needing to finish your plate

remember to always consult your pediatrician if you are concerned about growth and development.

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