Current Trends in Eating Disorder Research

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Over the past several months, multiple research articles have emerged that investigate the prevalence of eating disorders in particular groups. I have included a summary of four of these articles below.

Eating disorders are common in girls with type 1 diabetes
The authors discuss the importance of early screening for disordered eating behaviors in this population because persistence of eating disorders can lead to serious diabetes-related medical complications.

High rates of LOC-ES are found in children with ADHD
LOC-ES stands for loss of control eating syndrome and is similar to binge eating disorder in adults. Researchers speculate that the correlation may be due to impulsive behaviors common in ADHD.

Eating disorders are more common in college women with low incomes than in college women with higher incomes
The researchers hypothesize that college women with low incomes may feel out of control. This loss of control, combined with academic pressures, could trigger an eating disorder in susceptible women.

Overweight and obese adolescent female military dependents may be at a higher risk for LOC-ES than children of civilians
The study also found that the military dependents had higher rates of depression which may contribute to the high rates of LOC-ES.

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