August Nutrition Newsletter

Find Allergy-Friendly Restaurants
The AllergyEats app was developed by a father of three children with food allergies, who sometimes searched for an hour or more for a place to eat dinner. Now the app contains information from all over the country, from national chains to local hidden gems.

The website has the full restaurant listings, as well as options to pick from allergens like tree nuts, shellfish, and eggs. The app is available for both Apple devices and on Google Play. To start your search on AllergyEats click here.

Schulman Family Dinner: Taco Night!
With school starting back, schedules are going to be packed. Remember to include a healthy dose of family time!

The Schulman family loves tacos for dinner because everyone can choose exactly what they want to eat. Lay out the beans, cheese, meats, and veggies, and everyone makes his or her perfect taco. Fun for everyone!
Everyone knows that probiotics are important to a good digestive system, but there are more ways to get them outside of a (sometimes very sugary) cup of yogurt every day.

Kimchi, the spicy Korean fermented cabbage, is a tasty and versitile menu item. Not only can you eat it straight out of the bottle, you can use it to liven up all kinds of dishes. Scramble it up with eggs in the morning, throw it on top of fried rice, add to your lunchtime pad thai, or put it over any meat, like pork or chicken.

You could even try your hand at making your own, with the countless delicious recipes online. If you haven’t tried kimchi before, give it a chance, and make your taste buds happy!

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