June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Like many phrases dealing with nutrition, farm-to-table is at risk of being used incorrectly or in a misleading way. A lot of food is labeled as farm-to-table, but what does this really mean? According to definitions.net, farm-to-table refers to a movement concerned with producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers. It is closely linked to the local food movement and touted as being healthier, better for communities, and part of safer food practices.

Despite these benefits, farm-to-table poses some challenges that are still being worked out by restaurants, farmers, and consumers. One main concern is price. Farm-to-table restaurants can be on the pricier side, which means they may be accessible to just a select segment of the population. Some school systems are addressing this issue and trying to work closely with farms to bring local produce into cafeterias, which makes farm-to-table an experience available to children across all socioeconomic levels. California schools began this in 2014 with a “California Thursdays” locally sourced menu one day of the week.  This is paired with educational programs to help children learn where they food comes from, which can set them up for healthier food habits for the rest of their lives.

Farm-to-table’s popularity will hopefully lead to an increased awareness of where food comes from, an appreciation for fresh produce, and increased access to healthy foods.

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Farm Star Living

Farm Star Living gives fresh recipes, farm-to-table cooking tips, and helps support small farms.

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