September Newsletter

Eating Local

Food trends come and go, but one that seems to remain popular is eating local. A “locavore” is someone who eats foods derived from local sources. The idea is that food is fresher, more nutritionally valuable, and more environmentally friendly when is comes from five miles away, as opposed to 500 miles. Farmers markets are a great source for anyone trying to eat local. Recently, this trend has expanded from home cooking to restaurants. Many restaurants now make it a point to partner with local farmers to bring local foods into flavorful menus. A fun challenge is to try and only eat locally sourced foods or one week. Pay attention to seasonality, freshness, and use recipe apps to help you succeed!

App of the Month:
The Locavore App–this app helps you find farmers markets, growers, and CSA’s in your area. It also shows what’s in season at any given time.

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