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Happy Everything! Whether you celebrate Hannukah, Christmas, something else or nothing at all, December can be an exciting, fun, festive and stressful time of year. As the weather gets colder (in the Northeast!), we could all use a little more balance in our lives. This months newsletter will feature two very different ways we can apply balance into our days. Enjoy!

Wishing all my readers a happy, healthy, and balanced New Year!

How can we be more balanced in our lives: #1 Food

Whether it’s February, July or December, food is everywhere–we can’t avoid it! Nor should we…leading a balanced life starts with food–this of course coming from a nutritionist! So what do I recommend? Balance! Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, chocolate, cheese, whatever you crave and desire! Below are a few key points…

  • Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full
  • Honor your cravings-sooner the better, and be as specific as you can with giving yourself the foods that you want
  • Never say no–to yourself, to your loved ones-deprivation simply leads to increased cravings and eventually over eating
  • practice mindful eating techniques–slow down the chewing process, and be aware and present when you are eating

How can we be more balanced in our lives: #2 Tea

Teas come in so many different flavors and can really balance our lives. Below I have outlined a few of my favorites and their unique characteristics. Enjoy the hot versions on a cold winter day, or an iced tea when the weather gets hot!

  • Green tea: Green tea has been shown to improve blood flow, lower cholesterol as well as improve blood sugar levels in those with diabetes.
  • Black tea: Black tea is known to banish fatigue, stimulate mental alertness, and raise energy levels. It has been shown to reduce stress hormone levels and acts as a nerve sedative, frequently relieving headaches
  • Mint tea: Examples includepeppermint and spearmint; they are 100% naturally caffeine-free and traditional herbal remedies for digestion
  • Chamomile tea: Chamomile is a flowering plant in the daisy family. It is 100% naturally caffeine-free, and traditionally used as a sleep aid and help with relaxation

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