How to Make the Best at Home Salad

Happy June! I hope my newsletter finds you enjoying some sun and smiles, even during this dark time in our history. When I think of summer I think of salads! I recently was praised by my family for making the most delicious salad, which made me think to write this newsletter about how to make a delicious at home salad.

First, pick a mixed green with different types of lettuce Next, choose 3-4 vegetables and chop them. Always add crunch–fried onions, wanton noodles, or your favorite nut (slivered almonds, cashews or pistachios are my go too). Add a crumbled cheese–I love goat but you cant go wrong with feta or blue. And finally….make your own dressing and toss your salad with it! The dressing can be simple–olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey is just divine! 

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