May 2015 Newsletter

I will be speaking at the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting and expo on May 18th.

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Picky Eating


Broccoli is high in fiber, B vitamins, and choline. Common side effects of broccoli in young children (and some adults) include, hiding under the table, saying “no” repeatedly, and prolonged crying.

Picky eating behaviors can range from being suspicious about a new food to throwing a full blown tantrum at the dinner table. If your preschooler is a picky eater, it’s important to remember that these behaviors are fairly common and that two out of three picky eaters grow out of it by the age of six. In the meantime, you should continue exposing your child to a variety of foods, even if it’s a food they have rejected in the past.

What about the other one third? Picky eating researchers suggest thatparents and older siblings should model positive eating behaviors at meal time. For additional picky eating strategies, check out my blog post here.

In some cases, picky eating could be an indication of a more serious issue so it’s important to speak to your child’s health care provider if you have concerns.

It’s Smoothie Season!


Whether you get them from a health food store, or make them at home, smoothies can provide a delicious and satisfying nutrient boost. Remember to avoid added sugars, choose high fiber ingredients, and use whole fruits and vegetables (skin on) when possible.

High Fiber Broccoli Smoothie 
Fiber-packed smoothie with enough added fruit to please even the most devout broccoli hater

Kid Friendly Green Smoothie
Anther great way to hide veggies

Sunrise Smoothie
Greek yogurt gives this smoothie a boost of protein!

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